6 Construction Industry Trends for 2017

As the economy and construction begin to pick up, certain trends have begun to emerge. Here are the top trends to watch for in 2017:

  1. Collaborative project delivery methods will become more popular. The days of design-bid-build domination might be winding down, as experts expect collaborative approaches to become more common for projects. Design-build, public-private partnerships, and integrated project delivery are three of the most often-cited methods that are altering the industry and are likely to gain ground in 2017.
  2. The labor shortage will continue to plague the industry. One trend that the industry hoped would fade away is, instead, raging on. The skilled labor shortage is a major concern for firms across the U.S. as employers struggle to staff their job sites.
  3. Offsite/modular construction will gain a stronger foothold in the market. Experts predict that offsite construction will continue to grow in 2017 as quality, time, and labor concerns make alternatives to traditional construction methods more attractive.
  4. Construction costs will rise due to materials and labor. One of the most common concerns industry experts cited for 2017 is the escalating cost of doing business. With rising material and labor costs, firms will likely struggle to maintain their margins in the coming year.
  5. The sustainable construction movement will consider changing its message. The incoming Trump administration has implications beyond infrastructure, as sustainable building leaders are now considering the possibility of altering their messaging to ensure the movement continues.
  6. Construction firms will face increased scrutiny and prosecution of safety and fraud incidents. The construction industry continues to face increased scrutiny for safety violations and incidents amid a building boom. Experts predict that 2017 will see continued heightened attention to job site safety from agencies and law enforcement.