Where it all starts

My first day in the apprenticeship program was pretty easy. Linda and Marc reviewed the course materials, course objectives, and student expectations. They also went over the history of Candels and their experience in the electrical estimating field. Candels experience ranges from commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, and other projects such as switchyards, airports and railway stations, water and waste water treatment plants and more!

To be successful in this class I know that I have to be prepared for each class, complete all assignments, and actively participate in each class.

I learned what an estimator does and the qualities required for an individual to be a successful estimator. To be a good estimator you have to be organized, detail oriented, technically proficient, patient, and most of all confident.

We also reviewed the members of a design and construction team and their roles within a project. It was good to learn who the key players are in a project. Overall I think it was a good introduction to the class and what to expect.


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