Book Cover: Understanding-Electrical-Estim ating by Linda Candels

eBook: “Understanding Electrical Estimating” Released

Book Cover: Understanding-Electrical-Estim ating by Linda CandelsA new electrical estimating book hits the press! Candels Estimating introduces its first e-book:  Understanding Electrical Estimating

Understanding Electrical Estimating is a 12-part series which serves not only as an introduction to estimating but also operates as an essential and comprehensive reference for the seasoned estimator.

Linda Candels, one of the founding partners of Candels Estimating LLC and Candels Estimating Training LLC, opens her own book of 20-plus years of knowledge and experience to educate electrical estimators and other industry professionals.

Linda writes about the facts and includes detailed scenarios and real-world experience. Each section depicts how and why to execute your project the right way. She addresses what it takes to prepare an estimate as well as the many issues and concerns that arise while doing so–whether you’re overseeing it all or you’re out in the field.

Understanding Electrical Estimating breaks down topics such as specs and drawings, take-offs, labor adjustments, quotes, software, the detailed and sometimes tricky process of bidding, and much more. This electrical estimating book shows you how to handle and/or resolve issues at any level of your career.

Topics like:

  • Bidding and bonding essentials
  • Is that legal and up to code?
  • Who is responsible for what expense and why?
  • How do I write a winning proposal?
  • Overhead and profit – how does this affect your bid?
  • How “…your field labor will perform to the standards that you have estimated”
  • “To help win the bid, package your proposal so it stands out. For example, before bid day…”

The book lives up to its name. Understanding Electrical Estimating helps any estimator understand the ins and outs of this comprehensive field.

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