Electrical Estimating Take-off

Candels Electrical Estimating Services

Candels Estimating can provide a range of electrical estimating services to assist in all your estimating needs, from the typical “plans and specs” projects to those requiring budgeting, design, or value-engineering.  It doesn’t end there! Candels has even more to offer!  We can also coach you through project negotiations, change order preparation and approval, and claims.  We also offer customized business consulting, from finding project leads, deciding what jobs to bid, determining the “right” number on bid day, and closing the sale.  We also offer online estimaticonstruction estimating processng training, a perfect way to bring an estimator up to speed!  Our electrical estimating apprenticeship program is in full swing! Click here for more information and online enrollment options.

Quantitative Take-Offs:

A Candels take-off is extremely detailed and easy to follow.  The take-off will be divided into sections– lighting, lighting controls, site lighting, branch devices, feeders, mechanical equipment connections, fire alarm, and so on.  Each section will be detailed by item type, for example, for lighting, “Type A”, “Type B” etc. and will include all the accouterments necessary in order to install that item.  The feeders will be detailed from the pole (or service entrance) all the way to the last point of distribution, by a labeled run, for example, “From MDP to Panel LP.”  Our goal is for you to know as much about the take-off as we know, having completed the take-off for you. Click here to watch a video about the Project Lifecycle.

Vendor Quote Preparation:

Once we start your take-off, our first order of business is to provide you will all the required information for your vendor quotes.  For lighting, we will email you an Excel Worksheet with the lighting fixture schedule and corresponding counts, as well as any spec section(s) for lighting, lighting controls, and lamps.  We make it easy for you!  All you do is forward it to your local vendors and suppliers for pricing.  For gear, we will gather the riser, panelboard schedules, and any spec section related to the gear quote and forward those to you in a clear, easy-to-follow email that you may also forward on for pricing.  This process applies to any other vendor quoted items.

Scope (Proposal) Letter:

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to prepare your proposal letter!  Once again, Candels makes it easier for you by providing a detailed Scope Letter to aid in preparing your proposal.  The Scope Letter will include the drawings used for the take-off (and the date of the drawings), a list of any addenda received, a list of what is included in the take-off, including wiring methods of each, a list of recommended exclusions (and the reason for the exclusion), a list of direct job expenses that should be included in your bid, a list of required vendor quotes, and an explanation of any issues noted on the project and what Candels did in order to address such.

Pre-design Budgeting: 

In addition to the services described above, Candels can price budgets based on a rough, conceptual, or schematic design!  Coupled with a Request for Proposal, we can “fill in the rest!”

Design-Build Estimates:

Design-Build Estimates take pre-design budgeting a bit further.  These are usually based on a footprint drawing with more detail in the Request for Proposal regarding room types, building usage, and required equipment connections.  Candels has the technical expertise and design software to complete your Design-Build Estimates with ease!

Value Engineering: 

How often, after you submit a bid, do you get a request from the General Contractor or Construction Manager to “value engineer” the job?  Put your fears to rest with Candels!  We know the tips and techniques to modify items that may be “over-engineered” and how to apply the National Electrical Code to satisfy code requirements while trying to pare down job costs.

Claims & Expert Witness Testimony:

Sometimes claims against a contractor are necessary.  Most contractors, however, do not have the depth of experience to successfully manage the claim process.  Candels can assist with claims related to labor escalation, material escalation, compressed schedule, and more by citing and applying national labor standards to your project.  Candels will work in conjunction with your legal team, if retained, and will do everything in our power to help in getting you paid for work completed!

Projects & Bidding Consulting Services!

  • Finding Project Leads & Deciding What to Bid:  Having trouble finding projects to bid?  Let Candels help!  For the many decades of working in this industry, Candels know the tips and techniques for finding project leads and we can help you determine which ones you should bid.
  • Determining the “Right” Number on Bid Day:  Bid day can be daunting.  How do you know your price is good?  Should you cut your vendor quotes?  Do you know your overhead?  Candels can help you answer these questions and a whole lot more!
  • Vendor Negotiations:  Not getting the correct quotes from your vendors on time?  Do you know how to obtain the “whisper” price on bid day that no one else has? Candels can coach you through the negotiating process and help your vendor negotiating skills!
  • Following Up and Closing the Sale:  Not getting any calls after you submit your bid?  Do you follow up?  Do you know how to counter the objections of a general contractor?  Candels can coach you through the negotiating process and help your win ratio rise!
  • Estimating Training:  Working one on one, Candels offers estimating training for both the new and more experienced estimator totally tailored to your needs.  Candels is also offering a 4-month electrical estimating apprenticeship program. Held online via live webinar, we combine theory and practice with the end result being a junior level estimator at the end of the program. It’s not too late to participate in this session. Catch up via the recordings of past classes. Call today for an update!