Advantage 3: Quick Turn Around

Candels has the staff to turn your projects around quickly and accurately! Having this staff enables us to complete even the largest of projects within your time frame. Most often, it is more cost effective to sub your estimating out to Candels, so your staff can focus on current projects.

Advantage 1: #TeamCandels Cares

Candels has a vested interest in our customers’ success. We are always looking out for you; even if that means talking you out of bidding a job! Some jobs are just too risky to undertake and we would rather talk you out of a project than see you have problems due to insufficient documentation or scheduling constraints.

On-Demand Estimating Course Now Live

After completing the many electrical estimating apprenticeship programs over the last few years, we have realized that it is difficult for most students to make a 6-month commitment in time. Jobs change, priorities change and suddenly it is not feasible for a student to participate. We have developing on-demand training that you can start now and work on at your own pace. Continue reading On-Demand Estimating Course Now Live

New Client Specials

At Candels we love our Clients — both new and existing!  Are you interested to try our services out on a project you already have or one that you estimated yourself? Just let us know when you submit your Request for Quotes (RFQ) and we will make sure to give you the New Client/1st Project Promo Discount! Many new Clients find it helpful to compare our take-offs to their own. In most cases, customers find that our level of detail is unparalleled.  Come see what we’re talking about!  Submit your project today.